shredding services

Shredding Services

One-Time Shredding

Cost-effective, secure, and convenient; one-time shredding is best for smaller companies that do not need recurring destruction of documents.
We also recommend this service for residential users.

Off-Site Shredding

Best for organizations that require ongoing destruction of paper
documents. We’ll pick your documents up in a secure vehicle, ensuring safe
delivery to our shredding operation.

On-Site Shredding

Best for organizations that require immediate or witnessed destruction
of confidential materials on your premises. This service is sometimes
necessary to comply with legal, corporate or organizational regulations.


Protect your company and employees by
financial printouts, quotes, employee records,
pay stubs, meeting notes, and any document
containing personnel and sensitive information.

Prevent Identity Theft

Professional shredding prevents criminals from
obtaining sensitive documents and wreaking
havoc on business owners. Wildcat renders
your information completely unrecognizable
before recycling into new material.


Any organization or individual who retains or collects health information must comply
with HIPAA requirements or face harsh penalties.

Save Costs

Employees can spend numerous hours shredding documents with slow and ineffective office
shredders. Wildcat shredding saves hours of
valuable employee time and ensures proper
destruction of your most sensitive materials.

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    About Wildcat Shredding

    Stop identity theft before it begins. Wildcat Shredding is a technologically advanced shredding company dedicated to individuals and businesses in the Lexington and surrounding areas. Highly trained, security-screened professionals arrive on-site to retrieve or instantly shred all your sensitive documents. A Certificate of Destruction is available upon request. Shredding with us will help protect your company’s security.
    Your documents are not only disintegrated, but will never see a dumpster or landfill. Instead, they and are recycled into new materials.

    What is NAID Certification?

    Why Shred?

    An estimated $25 billion a year is lost to identity thieves. Exposing company’s private information and confidential client base has become a profitable criminal industry. In an attempt to combat identity theft, the US government is enforcing costly penalties and fines to businesses that are non-compliant and breach privacy laws. Business owners can
    face severe consequences for legal obligations and requirements they may not even be aware of.

    What Do You Shred?

    Personnel Records

    Customer Files

    Bank Statements

    Tax Records

    Product Data

    Credit reports

    Medical records

    ATM and store receipts

    Birth certificate copies

    Credit card bills

    Business Proposals

    Payroll information


    Legal files


    Documents containing contact information

    Documents containing passwords

    Expired drivers licenses, passports and visas

    Documents with social security numbers

    All Other Sensitive Documents